The Bright Notebook

So I bought an obnoxiously bright notebook – seriously bright, so bright it was giving me a tan. And snowblindness. So I spraypainted the cover black, with a nifty masking tape cross on the front. This was late last night, I left it in the garage overnight to dry. And I’m not sure if you know me, but mornings aren’t my forte – so on the rush to work I simply grabbed it and threw it into my handbag on the way to catch the bus. The paint smell is pretty strong, not that I had time to notice.

As a side story, I wake up with songs in my head. Ask Taubin, he dutifully says it’s cute while inside his head he’s petrified he’s living with a pscyhokiller and any day could be the day. Totally unrelated to being a psychokiller, todays song was Duncan and Brady by the Kingston Trio. Taubin wasn’t familiar with the song so this mornings bus ride job was to find the lyrics and send them to him. Google apparently also isn’t familiar with the song. Not to fear! I have ithe song on my phone, I’ll just check that.

Sometimes I’m not very bright. This was one of those times because I start the song playing. On a crowded bus. The nice gentleman next to me, who had been smelling overpowering paint fumes for the last 20 minutes and probably considered me a huffer just kept staring straight ahead. Nervous that I was serenading the bus with 1950s music, I tried to stop the music. This is where Apple is satanic. Do you know how many times I had to enter my passcode on my phone to unlock it? Retorical.. Luckily I was able to hit stop just before the very loud chorus. I apologized to the gentleman with my best Denver face but when that bus stopped, he was first off.

Anyway that’s my story.

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