So, here we all are

Level 4: Not allowed to leave the house except to get groceries and exercise.

So, here we all are

This was probably the last thing the melancholy needed.. or the first, depending whose side you're on.

So, remember how I went to that birthday party, where I got the new pen? Well that store is in Devonport.. and Delta Devonport Dan, the 58 year old Covid Positive Man - my god, that's got a good ring to it - is from Devonport.  

They haven't released places of interest yet, I'm hopeful he wasn't into stationery and I won't have to isolate for 14 days.   Considering Auckland is in lockdown for seven days anyway, it wouldn't be the worst thing ever, would it.

Anyway - rainbows and candyfloss, y'all.