The Nocturnal Elephant is a particularly noisy species that can be found in most urban areas and cities, and has a preference for apartment living, especially on the upper floors, often choosing the apartment directly above your own.

Unlike it's African or Indian counterparts, this species is most active during the hours of 11pm and 3am at night.  Being nocturnal these animals rely on their poor sense of judgement rather than sight or hearing, and because of this it is widely believed the animal has developed a very limited vocal ability, preferring instead to communicate through a complicated series of thumps and bangs.

One popular theory is the Nocturnal Elephant has a very short trunk with a minimal range of movement, as they often drop very heavy sounding objects.   This lack of movement is compensated for with strength, giving it the ability to slam heavy sliding doors and windows with relative ease.

Rather than travel with a herd like it's nomadic cousins, the Nocturnal Elephant prefers the confinement of an apartment, where it is able to use common noisy household applicances such as a washing machine, clothes dryer and vacuum cleaner continuously over the long nighttime hours.

Scientists still know very little about this animal;  where it originated from, why it is nocturnal, how to make it quiet.   With the help of funding, a research program will be setup, Project STFU, to try and answer these types of questions and find out more about this remarkably annoying creature.   But for tonight, the Nocturnal Elephant is king of it's domain.

:: Originally posted on 29 Apr 2007 00:53:37