Happy 20th Birthday, Fitzgerald Taylor!

When someone has a birthday so you buy yourself the gift.

Happy 20th Birthday, Fitzgerald Taylor!

One of my favourite stores is, of course, a stationery store.  And it just so happens, out of pure coincidence, that I have the day off work (it's also Friday the 13th, so here's to not being slaughtered by some pscyhotic mass murderer tonight).

So today, my favourite stationery store, Fitzgerald Taylor is celebrating being 20 years old today!   And it's just rude to go to a birthday party and not buy yourself a gift.

I was looking for the Lamy Studio in Glacier but, as with all Lamy LEs, they're now gone.   When the bartender calls last drinks on those, you gotta take it seriously.   I did, however, find something else - Platinum.  They're a brand from Japan and their blue black ink was a favourite for a while - it's fairly bulletproof and the colour is gorgeous.   The pens themselves have never wowed me enough to try one, but today?  Today was the day.

Now I feel like this is becoming a pen review, and I don't know how I feel about this blog being about pen reviews so I'm going to stop here, except to say the pen is pretty smooth - it's my Pilot Metropolitan (also in white, duh) replacement for the time being.  Pairing it with Ferris Wheel Press' Jellybean Blue with a touch of Diamine Majestic Blue to give it some sticky - using the MidoriMD paper and it's a bit too smooth for the FWP.  The nib glides over the paper without any resistance and I'm thinking I like a bit of friction - and now Phrasing is saying Phrasing! so yes, imagine that too when you read this.  With the essential tremor, the friction maybe helpful - oh I should say in the Fountain Pen world we call it feedback rather than friction, but you know, we're all friends here.  We'll see how we go, I will either love it or not love it.

Also, Ferris Wheel Press' Jellybean Blue is soooooo pretty, the shading is gorgeous.  It's odd that I like this colour as I prefer darker navy blues. Now you're going to expect photos of the ink aren't you.   Don't make me get all photography-y again.

I should so point out the 100th anniversary crown on the pen cap.  Cute, huh?

Happy Birthday, Fitzgerald Taylor

Happy Anniversary, Platinum

Happy Friday 13th, don't get slaughtered by a pscyhotic guy in a mask.